Walking Wandsworth Episode 5 – Balham

Before I erase the photos from the SD card in readiness for the next Wandsworth Walk let’s just have one last look at the Balham Murder Mystery Walk

I took loads of pictures. They are not all meant to be beautifully framed photos, they are simply reminders to help us when we need talk about what we saw.

The great thing about this is you can also see what we are talking about on the show from the comfort of your viewing or listening device.

I wanted to say something about the audio clips near the start of the show. The first one is Peter Sellers. It’s from a sketch written by Frank Muir and Dennis Norden. More info about that is to be found on Wikipedia.

The second clip is from an actual newsreel film from the second world war. It’s called London Can Take It. The voice is that of american war correspondent Quentin Reynolds. Here’s the IMDB link to the film.

Here’s a link to the route of the walk and the stats on Map My Run. I absolutely adore the 3D course flyby on the map.

3D Flyby Balham

Back to the photos. My plan is to have the photos embedded in the podcast one day. For now here they are.

Walking Wandsworth Balham Photos

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