Walking Wandsworth # 9 – Greatest Showman

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Walking Wandsworth #9 – Greatest Showman

12 thoughts on “Walking Wandsworth # 9 – Greatest Showman

  1. OK, I have checked it out. However I am still waiting for your walk to Wandsworth, no more diversion please, lol.

  2. Where is the official link or site for the pod cast? At least the other one had a narrative lol, I hope I can listen to this perhaps.

  3. Great information,I’m checking it out now.I’m a great fan,hope to see more of the podcast.

  4. Nice to have a site where I can find all the previous episodes! Will indeed catch up on those episodes first

  5. I like listening to your walking programs. It gives me the inspiration to do a walk like about 15 minutes every day rather than take the car.

    1. Yes, I have a simple rule. If the journey is less than 2 miles I will walk. I hope you enjoy your walks as much as I do.

  6. I never thought it would be relaxing to hear other people document their walks, but it is. Definitely enjoying these podcasts. I should try doing this sometime–just not in the city though, as the noise and the traffic would probably drive me batty. Maybe someday when I go to the countryside.

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