Walking Wandsworth #9 – Greatest Showman

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The plan for this show was to try and find the Jenny Lind pub in Putney. When we arrived we found that it had been knocked down and the blue plaque that had commemorated the pub was gone too.

However we did manage to see a really interesting abandoned old car that’s in the slideshow video below.

So Sheila suggested we use the opportunity to leave Wandsworth and visit Richmond Park again. It was the subject of our first show. Sheila wanted to see two things. The Isabella Plantation because of the Witch-Hazel and Penn Ponds, because we didn’t manage to find it the last time we were there.

So it ended up becoming two walks. Scroll down for the routes we took, both are idyllic.

The Isabella Plantation is charming and fortunately the weather was good. When we reached Penn Ponds it was getting late and the light was low. However, I managed to take some dramatic looking photos.

We rounded off our walk with an unexpected interview. A team of people were involved with a photo shoot for a magazine. One of them, Flora, was thrilled with the location that had been chosen as she was enjoying the view and fresh air.

Before going home, we popped once more into Pembroke Lodge and took a moment to read some of the information about Richmond Park that is displayed on the walls. From that we got a few ideas for more Richmond Park walks. Yes, I know we are supposed to be walking Wandsworth, but we just can’t resist the charms of Richmond Park and we will be going back. I hope you’ll forgive us this indulgence after listening to this weeks podcast.

Isabella Plantation Route 1

Penn Ponds Route 2

13 thoughts on “Walking Wandsworth #9 – Greatest Showman

  1. Walking to Wandsworth or not, the most important thing was that you benefited from the diversion to Richmond Park, you met some new people and Sheila got to see the Isabella Plantation.

  2. The plantation is beautiful. Anyway is this a web pod cast? I wanna listen to it next time not just read it. Good luck to this series.

  3. Sounds like Richmond Park is actually an interesting place for a walk. Might just pop by Penn Ponds when there is more light if low light already creates dramatic pictures.

  4. Your walk to Richmond park was worthwhile after all you got to see the Isabella plantation and also learned more about Richmond park.

  5. Well, always trying to find the best out of adversity… maybe it was for the best that you ended up in Richmond Park again. The plantation is beautiful!

  6. It was still worthwhile I believe with the two routes,the Isabella plantation route and the Penn ponds route.The plantation is really beautiful and I hope you enjoyed the interview.

  7. i hope you were able to see the place where ms. lindt used to be, but that vintage car gives a nice feel of history of that place.

  8. Its great that your walk was worth your while. It was also a good thing that the weather cooperated so I think it was a much better experience than what was actually planned.

  9. I enjoyed one of the podcasts. I hope you did get a chance to have some shots with the magazine shooting crew. Some pictures would have made it a lovely day.

  10. I love old cars, I always think there’s a lot of history and memories attached to them. Too bad that the one you found wasn’t maintained as well as it should have, but then again, it still has a kind of charm to it. Too bad the pub and the plaque were gone, it would have been nice to see a picture.

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