Episode #10 – The London wlogger

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For our 10th Episode Walking Wandsworth has got a very special guest. It’s Stu, the author of www.londonwlogger.com

His blog is really popular in the walking community and his walks are well worth a look. It’s going to be a brilliant show. We’ll be doing the route live, going from Clapham Junction to Battersea Park.

Although she couldn’t be with us on the night of the broadcast, wonderful walking companion Sheila joined us for the walk. Our fascinating facts this week will be read by Wandsworth Radio presenter Micky Gwilliam.

Here’s a slide show for the walk that you can follow as you listen this Sunday 11th February 2018 at 8pm wandsworthradio.com/listen

Here’s a photo of Stu and his friend Louise in the studio.



15 thoughts on “Episode #10 – The London wlogger

  1. I Have never been to London so reading this is a treat for me. It is like I have been there myself.

  2. The slide show there is fascinating, I was doing my London walk as well while watching the show, nice walk there.

  3. i walk a lot as well and appreciate what’s around me. but i would very much love it to walk surrounded by brick houses and victoria structures.

  4. This was a good walk in London and the slide show is really a fascinating one.Will be listening to more podcast.

  5. Stu and her friend, Louis are absolutely wonderful. Thanks for giving us their pictures. I know that you enjoyed the walk with Sheila although Stu was not with you.

  6. Wow it looks very cold at that time in the moorning. I love the architecture especially the church, and the way how the Clapham park looks

  7. Thank you Dom and Stu for this lovely catch up with London. Perfect timing as I’m missing the old town. Wonderful to see pix of Battersea Park, took me back to my wwlk with you a couple of months back, Dom. ❤️❤️❤️

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