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Episode 11 – Historical Watercourses Walk

We’ve got a slight change from the advertised program this Sunday at 8pm on Wandsworth Radio. The Mark Silcox episode has been postponed – it will be happening, we’ve done the walk and comedian Mark Silcox will be on the show at some point soon.

We’ve juggled things around a bit and come up with a brilliant Walking Wandsworth, that I guarantee is going to be extremely informative because we’ve got two extremely knowledgeable guests walking us through it. John Rattray of the Balham Society and Andrew Flegg from the Tooting Common Heritage Project.

The walk took place on Thursday in Tooting Common. It was a very special Historical Watercourses Walk to celebrate the restoration of the Drinking Fountain near Dr Johnson Avenue. This is the route we took.

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John and Andy came into the Wandsworth Radio studios and recreated the walk by telling us about how water is managed on the common.

Navigate photos from the walk itself below.

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