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Wandle Trail Part 2 – Nicola & Hazel’s Walk

It’s just after midnight and I really should be getting to bed as I’ve got to be up at 5am tomorrow to get Walking Wandsworth episode #14 ready in time for Sunday.

This is the only time I have left this week to write the blog. So please forgive me if you see a spelling mistake or grammatical error. I’m dyslexic and I find it gets worse when I’m tired.

So first of all let me explain to newcomers, who just discovered this blog today, what’s going on.

Walking Wandsworth is a show that I make for Wandsworth Radio. The programme is all about walking and the sounds you hear on a walk. We record sounds, the route map, take pictures and notes when we walk and then we gather all that information into the studio on a Sunday night and we re-create the walk live. Imagining that we’re doing it again.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what was actually said on the walk and what was said in the studio afterwards.

So, turning to the walk we recreated on Sunday night. The mixcloud version of the show is now available to listen. If it’s not auto-playing for you as you read then click here.

The re-creation of this walk went really smoothly in the studio. Largely because the person who requested it, Nicola Davenport, was so meticulous in her preparation. Her notes were sent from heaven as far as I’m concerned and she did a marvellous job on the night. Really helping me when I got distracted twiddling the buttons and faders on the audio desk in the studio.

The whooshing sound that you hear at the start and the end of the programme is not an audio effect. It’s just me making a whooshing sound with my mouth.

Nicola took all the photos on the day, so credit to her. As we discussed on the show, we agreed not to talk during the walk because the fresh snow had a unique sound and we wanted to capture that as we walked through it, before it melted (although we weren’t to know that a lot more snow and less pleasant weather was about to hit in the next few days).

Yes, as you can see from Nicola’s photos, it was a lovely sunny snowy day, with a stunning blue sky. Oh yeah, I’m red-green colour blind and I really love it when a person I’m walking with points out a colour that I completely missed like little Hazel’s red coat and how it contrasts with the white snow.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do these walks and the time to think about them, document them in such detail and to share them with others. How many truly magical moments in our lives do we completely forget because we don’t pause to think about them? I can tell you honestly that there is magic all around and it’s glorious and powerful and grand and it’s free.

I was truly inspired by the work of the guerrilla gardener, he reminded me of my Mum who does her best to keep her street clean, and as you’ll hear on the show Nicola has a similar kind of concern and involvement with her neighbourhood, campaigning to prevent further incursions from the concrete batching plant. If you’d like to support Nicola in her campaign please do get in touch with her through her website

Nicola is a real fighter and I’ve got to say that if I were in charge of the company trying to get the plans approved, I would be having a lot of sleepless nights. But she does need support. One motivated person can do the work of 10, as we heard on last week’s episode about William Morris, but it’s killing! So if you live in the area, or if you know Nicola, or even if you are just a kindred spirit listening to the show from afar, please be kind and lend a hand. (Here’s an update from Nicola, it’s good news – click here.)

The link to the pottery workshop that Nicola mentioned is Workshop305.

On Wednesday I’m going to pick up the fruit trees from the Guerrilla Gardener. They’ll be going on my Mum’s allotment and I’ll be attempting to create a step-over for her, like the one I saw at Ham House in the Summer.

I need to tell you one last thing. From the 18th March Walking Wandsworth will move to the 9pm slot on Wandsworth Radio, forward 1 hour and then I’m going to be taking a 3 week break from the live show because I need to catch up on other things in my life.

I will do my best to keep the blog going during that time.

Please keep supporting this project by sharing on social media, listening on mixcloud, subscribing to the Walking Wandsworth podcast on iTunes and any other way you can help. I’d love to develop the show further and I’m keen to take any genuine business enquiries.

The show coming up on Mother’s Day 11th March is not one to be missed, so keep checking this site for updates and be sure to tune in live on the night.

OK. this has taken 40 minutes, in 20 minutes it will be 1 am. I need to get some shut-eye.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I did listen today to the link that you sent me Dom – how nice to coordinate with the photos and feel like I walked along with you. I know blogging makes us more weary than walking sometimes to keep up doesn’t it? Though walking puts a spring in my step and I am sorry when the weather turns ugly, like it has again today and the next few days and spoils my favorite morning regimen. Keep walking and blogging about it!

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