P.S. Nicola & Hazel

Remember our Wandle Trail Part 2 walk?  Nicola has just done a lovely blog post about the walk and also goes into a little more detail about the concrete processing plant. It’s an eye opener. A David and Goliath battle. Do take a look. Here is it We star in Wandle walking podcast

13 thoughts on “P.S. Nicola & Hazel

  1. The wandle walking blog piece was very well written. One could easily imagine himself taking the walk with you. Add my name if you intend inviting international walkers.

  2. I like how you describe the experience. It feels like I am also walking with you. A very well written post indeed!

  3. I find walks are often the best setting for great dialogue. It’s really cool that you both touched on environmental causes and met with locals during your chat.

  4. I find trouble doing that though. Even if you know a person opening up to a person takes time. Some find it easy some do not like in my case.

  5. This was a great walk,great you were able to meet with the locals to have a rewarding chat with them.

  6. that’s very nice of you. it’s always nice to do something for a good cause and involving nature and environment, that’s amazing.

  7. I love how youre doing this for a cause. Its very inspiring how you love the environment.

  8. This is really inspiring,it always worthwhile to take up a valuable cause of this nature. I’m a great fan of this walk

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