Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2018

I was contacted just over a week ago by the music sharing platform Mixcloud. The email said that Walking Wandsworth had been nominated for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2018.

Here’s the story of how it got the nomination.

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It all started with an email newsletter from Jason Rosam who is a radio broadcaster and trustee at Wandsworth Radio.  He wanted all the volunteers at the station to nominate their shows for the Mixcloud awards.

I had a look at the MORA.FM website and I followed the instructions for nomination. It was simple enough. I decided that I should ask some friends to nominate Walking Wandsworth and to share my request with their friends. I did this mostly through Facebook and I only asked friends who regularly interact with my Facebook Posts. So it was a group of, at most, 30 people.

I asked using a group facebook message. Some people left the conversation straight away, others replied by saying that they would nominate the show, and some said that they found it difficult to use the MORA.FM site to make the nomination. I did my best to support those people and then the nomination period came to an end. I gave some of them a branded Walking Wandsworth/Wandsworth Radio mug to say thank you. I posted an update about the nominations on walkingpod.com as well. But I wasn’t sure how many people noticed it.

Walking Wandsworth Latest Episode

I remember thinking at the time that I wished I’d had more warning that the Mixcloud nomination was coming and I thought that nothing further would happen. I thought that Wandsworth Radio itself might get nominated. Wandsworth Radio has thousands of followers on Twitter, on Facebook and Instagram. The station itself has thousands of listeners and engages with the local community through roadshow style events all year round. So I was much more confidant that it might get a nomination.

Walking Wandsworth has only been going since December 2017 so I assumed it wouldn’t get enough support to go forward for the awards. I put my efforts mostly into getting ready for 100 Years On. A play that I was doing with the Parish Players that was about to be performed on 17th, 18th, 19th May.

I had almost forgotten about the awards when I found out that two shows on Wandsworth Radio had got through. Both are talk shows. Walking Wandsworth and Mind Your Own Business.  Each nominated for different categories. Walking Wandsworth  in the Lifestyle and Health Category. Mind Your Own Business  in the Business Category.

I was thrilled that we’d got nominated, sad that Wandsworth Radio had not got a nomination for best online radio station and slightly anxious because there was a public vote involved in the next stage of process.

Vote Walking Wandsworth

The competitors in the lifestyle and health categories are massively popular podcasts. I could never hope to get a fraction of the votes that they could get from their listeners even if every single one of my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and subscribers to walkingpod.com had voted. Plus I was busy with the play and I had no time to campaign for votes by going out on the streets or canvassing door to door like a politician.

So I made a decision that I would do my best to ask everyone I knew to vote, but I was resigned to the fact that if Walking Wandsworth were to win it would  come down to the judges not the public vote.

So here we are. The play has come and gone. The results will be announced next week.

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Dom Dalston in 100 Years On at The Parish Players

Since the start of May there have been three new epsiodes of Walking Wandsworth. There was the Hampstead Walk with Comedian Michael Hughes, A Wandsworth Common Walk, the War Graves Walk which was connected to the play 100 Years On and a Walk with Chris The Railway Guard.  Please do check all those out on the Mixcloud Walking Wandsworth playlist.

The winners will be announced on 31st May 2018. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

If you nominated or voted for Walking Wandsworth, thank you so much. Realistically I don’t know if the show stands much chance, but thank you, and who knows, another miracle may happen.

I’ve asked people what it means to win. Jason Rosam hopes that it will be a badge of honour for Wandsworth Radio. That would be great. Others say that it would give you bragging rights.

I’m not really interested in bragging or badges of honour. What I really want is a paid job in radio or for this blog to take off and become financially successful. Both outcomes seem like a fairy tale. I know it happens for some people, I wish it could happen for me, however, I know that is probably too much to ask. That doesn’t stop me asking though.

Fairy tales happen for Meghan and Harry, and that’s wonderful, but right now I’m going to continue to enjoy walking, get out and experience the lovely British summer weather that we’ve been blessed with and relax. The play is over, the voting is over. My future, the future of Walking Wandsworth and WalkingPod.com now rests in the hands of others.

22 thoughts on “Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2018

  1. Congratulations, your blog and radio program is amazing. I hope you win and get to achieve your goals.

  2. I never heard of this award before but best of luck to you!!! Being nominated is already a big thing. You should be proud of yourself.

  3. Congratulations on the nomination, I wouldn’t have mind to vote if the process is still on.yea,I hope you win this one.

  4. Mixcloud online radio award, never heard about this,great you have been nominated, let hope for the best so that your dream of having a paid job in radio will be realized.

  5. At times I’d like to think that there are so many award-giving bodies out there. But ready this made me realize it’s actually needed and a very encouraging way to recognize real talents and skills. So congratulations for the nomination! Just so awesome and humbling at the same time.

  6. Congratulations on the nomination! As an avid supporter who’s been keeping herself updated with your posts, I do hope you win!

  7. amazing and congratulations. 6 months and you got nominated! thats great. dont worry about the vote, you’ve already got support, just keep doing what you are doing

  8. Congrats on your nomination, I believe you would have been so anxious while waiting. Wishing you all the best going fonward.

  9. Good luck with the votes! The mug is definitely a great bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow. I’m so excited for you! Congratulations on the nomination! I’ll be rooting for you.

  11. Good luck on the noms! Chris the Guard is one of my favourite podcasts. It was quite the unique perspective.

  12. Hi there, congrats for the nomination, it’s already a big step even if you are competing, as you said, with other content makers that can be more popular. The worst fight is the one you don’t even try winning so I hope the best for your podcast. I watched the War Graves Walk and I liked it, I admire all the effort you put in your project and I wish you the best with it.

  13. It is not easy to be nominated in Mixcloud Radio Awards. I’m sure that there are a lot of other podcasts who tried, but didn’t make it. That already makes you a winner. Congrats and Good luck!

  14. Congratulations on your nomination! I am not really keeping up with award giving bodies, but I guess this nomination of yours could prove that you are doing a great job. Cheers!

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