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I blog and make podcasts and radio shows about walking. So I do a lot of walking every day. I did some research into any possible ways of getting a reward for all this effort and it turned out that there are lots of possibilities. Here’s one that allows you to earn Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin is an app for your phone that tracks your movement and rewards you for movement with a crypto currency called SweatCoins. You can download it to your iPhone or Android.

Download the SweatCoin App to your phone
Sweat Coins – Earn Money for every step you take.

What’s a SweatCoin worth?

At the time of writing 1 sweatcoin (SWC) is approximately worth 20 cents or to put it another way 20 SWC equals $1 (USD).

Go ahead and download the app to your phone and follow along with this guide to find out why this is such a sweet deal.

I’ve tested the app on a day (12th July – below) when I did most of my steps outside. I walked  20,314 steps and I earned 19.29SWC, which is the most I’ve ever earned.  So it looks as though you earn around 1 sweatcoin for every 1054 steps.

SweatCoin Earnings
SweatCoins Example Earnings

But it does vary because sweatcoin has a program for determining whether or not a step was genuine and as I found today at my cost when I tried to run the steps rather than walk them, my 10,607 steps have only earned me 3.61 SweatCoins, a rate of  2939 per SWC. So don’t run just walk and remember to turn your battery saver off otherwise you’ll also lose steps.

Officially 1000 steps  = 0.95 Sweat Coins.

The End Game

My goal is to simply earn 20,000 SWC and convert them in $1000 paypal cash. However there are lots of local offers in the app if you want a more instant reward from your sweatcoins.

Daily Reward

You can also check in the app for daily rewards which pay 1SWC and if you do that every day you’ll boost your earnings by 7SWC per week.

Recruit Your Friends

The Sweatcoin app gives you a personalised link to share. For every person who installs the app, you’ll get 5SWC. If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog about Sweatcoin please pay the favour forward and use my link to install the app. Click this.

Will it drain my battery?

Yes! It’s going to run in the background and it’s going to use some battery. Don’t let that scare you off. Lots of apps run in the background and use battery power, but they don’t all give you a cash reward. So I think you have to balance the battery usage against the gains you make from the app. You could always remove an app that uses battery and gives you nothing in return.

Monthly Subscription

You can earn up to 5.00SWC with the standard free ‘Mover’ subscription that you automatically get enrolled on when you install the app. Now if you are willing to give back some sweatcoins each month you can gradually remove the caps on your coin earning potential.

  • Shaker costs 4.75 SWC/month – up to 10 SWC per day or 300 SWC per month.
  • Quaker costs 20 SWC/Month – up to 15 SWC per day or 450 SWC per month.
  • Breaker costs 30 SWC/Month – allows you to earn 20 SWC per day or 600 SWC per month.
  • A trouble maker SWC is promised, but it’s not available yet.

You can try each package free for a month, to get an idea of what your maximum earning potential might be e.g. there is no point subscribing to Quaker if you can only earn 5SWC per day. On the other hand if you are losing SWC every day then it’s time to go up a level on the subscription.


Sweatcoin is a great little app to have running in the background that will pay you for what you are going to do anyway i.e. walk outside.

Since installing it on my phone I’ve had an incentive to walk even more than I did before and I’m getting really fit. I walked just over 17km on 1 day!

Earning Sweatcoins will get you walking
A screenshot on my Apple iPhone when I was really keen to walk lots and earn SweatCoins on my phone.

You just feel so much better about enjoying a walk when you know you’re getting paid for it and the better you feel about walking the more likely you are to do it.

The battery drain is minimal compared to other apps that run in the background and there are lots of in app interactions that allow you to boost your earnings.

So it’s over to you. Let me know how you get on with it in the comments below. Will it increase the amount of walking you’re going to do? Will you save up the sweatcoins or will you spend them and do you know of any other great ways for making walking and exercise pay?

14 thoughts on “Earn Sweatcoin

  1. Hi Dominic
    Very interesting! I’ve been looking for something like WalkingPod, this sounds perfect for me! Thanks for sharing this. I love walking so I might get a few bucks every week.
    I follow your link and I was surprised by how the app works.

    Thanks again for putting up this review!

    1. Thank you for the comment Maun! Is always fun getting something back for doing what you love.

  2. Is this for real lol I can make money walking?
    What a great concept. Get people walking, feeling good, getting fitter and wanting to do more. I know money is the initial motivation but after a while it becomes second nature.
    Sorry to be skeptical but is there a downside to this?
    Look forward to your reply 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. I think it depends how much you like walking. If you hate walking then there is the potential downside that Sweatcoins goes out of business before you can redeem them. If you don’t mind walking there that limits the downside. People have said in other reviews online that they felt limited by what the sweatcoins could be swapped for. Anything under 20,000 SWC can only be exchanged for what’s on offer in the app, though some individuals are attempting to set up another forum for exchange. It’s exciting if nothing else.

      1. Thank you for your reply and thank you for sharing this information.
        Technology opens up so many opportunities.
        Again thank you.
        Much appreciated.

        Di 🙂

  3. I have friend who is a great walker so I will share your link with her as I am sure she will download the app
    Thank you Dominic

  4. Getting paid to walk, hmm… That’s new. This was a very interesting read, thanks for sharing.

  5. Very interesting concept – I unfortunately don’t have a smartphone, just a flip phone. More and more I find apps are taking over how we do things and I am left behind in the dust. Thanks for sharing this info.

      1. I should Dominic so I am not a dinosaur with the flip phone – I don’t even text. Last year I did get a small smartphone because my old cellphone that I had since 2002 was no longer supported by AT&T, so I had to get a higher gigabyte phone. So I did get a smartphone – not a real expensive one, but it was on sale for around $89.00. I learned to text and use it but it dropped calls and texts all the time, so I got rid of it and went to a flip phone. 🙂

      2. I know more and more apps for things do intrigue me. I decided it was not so important for me since I work from home and the only reason I carry a cellphone is for security purposes while walking or driving … that’s about it.

      3. When’s your birthday? I’ll send you a smartphone as a gift! I rarely use my smartphone for calls or texts and it does drop calls sometimes. The app running part of it/internet is the most aspect of a smartphone.

      4. Thank you Dominic … that is very kind of you. My birthday was in April, so it has already passed this year. I had a problem with the “swiping” and “pinching” on the screen when using the phone too. Now I don’t know if it was just because I didn’t get the hang of using it or that was part of the phone’s cranky issues and seeing that your phone also drops calls and texts, maybe it was not a “user error” by me after all.

        I had decided to get the smartphone because of several apps that were available to alert you to emergencies, like severe weather events, but then I was not even able to load any apps on it, as it had a message that there was not enough memory. I only tried texting to get the hang of it and deleted the threads. (The only time I’ve ever texted, except I text my boss and a few friends to their phones from my computer.) I got exasperated and because the main reason for the phone was for security purposes, I decided I didn’t feel comfortable enough with it in an emergency because it might not work properly. So, I went to a flip phone. The young (I mean very young) clerk at the phone store said “well, this is basic and easy – ANYONE can use this phone.” (The last statement made me feel like I had somehow not passed a test for “coolness” or was not tech savvy enough to pass muster with her.)

        Thank you again Dominic for your offer. Perhaps it was just me? But I do believe that one day, the landline and flip phones will be obsolete. I like the landline, again for emergencies, and because I work from home, I use a speakerphone as my boss often calls to dictate something or I have to troubleshoot with the computer guy at work, so I like the ease of hands-free conversations and the speaker works great for that. I guess I am just “old school” all the way around.

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