Make $50 for talking

I’m a radio presenter and I get paid to talk. I feel fortunate to be in that position. I wish readers the same good fortune. That’s why I’m sharing this.

Appen Global are running a telephony recording study that pays $50 in return for you talking about subjects you enjoy.

This is great opportunity for anyone who would like to make $50 for talking on the phone.

Participation is simple.

  1. Sign up to participate through the Appen Global Website (email me to get the link)
  2. Find a friend who would like to listen to you talking (you can share the $50 with then if you want)
  3. Log in to the appen website and enter your friend’s phone number.
  4. Appen will then call you back and record your conversation.
  5. Repeat – record four 15 minute conversations in total.
  6. Appen will send you the money in US dollars to your nominated account.

Places on this study are limited so contact me today and I’ll  send you the full details you need to get started.



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