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We’ve changed the name of the show. From now on we’re called Walking In Wisdom. Here’s our playlist so you can catch up with all our shows.

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Walking in Wisdom is presented by award winning broadcaster/filmmaker Dom Dalston.

Dom Dalston is a regular guest on BBC Radio as a news reviewer and a regular presenter on Wandsworth Radio.

When not on air Dom will be found up in the air because he is trainee air pilot, an Airbnb Host, a property investor and an entrepreneur.

10 Steps to develop persistence.

20 thoughts on “Walking in Wisdom

  1. I lived in Wandsworth at one time. Haldon Road SW18, from 1977-1978.
    My ex-wife liked to call it ‘Putney’!
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Indeed it is. We paid £9,995 for a nice two-bed flat in 1997. Then sold it a year later for almost £19,000, and bought a 3-bed house in Wimbledon Park. 🙂
        Now I live in Norfolk. You can buy a nice 4-bed home for £275,00! We bought a 3-bed bungalow in 2011 for £146,000. The price of a garage in Camden, where I lived at the time.

  2. It’s an interesting concept, Dom. It’s a bit far away from my current patch but if I happen to be down that way… 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the follow.

  3. Hi Dom – am enjoying listening to podcast #8.

    Where I live there’s a lot of red earth with footprints around. When I walk round the back of where I live there’s this long grass around which I recently found out is called cockatoo grass. Further down at the salt plain you can see some evidence that the land is often covered by water from some thick looking sea type grass.

    When my cat used to walk with me she’d sonetimes chase quails away which are hidden in the long grass. I’ve seen and heard cockatoos before and these large birds that dance called brolgas. The bird calls I hear while walking are very unusual and sometimes birds with very different calls harmonise together. The dogs I walk with sometimes bark at trees at these large lizard type creatures. When coming back from walks I’m sometimes disappointed to see one being carried in the dog’s mouth.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Olive. Could we get you on the phone for the live show that goes out on Wandsworth Radio and could you record some sounds of the birds and the ambience on your phone?

  4. I do miss walking around some areas of London, especially the quirky urban areas. Wandsworth sounds nice too – tranquil with greenery and places of interest to visit.

  5. Hi Dom – I am listening to part of the podcast as I write this note … what a wonderful idea to record the walk. You know that when I first started my blog in 2013, I never used pictures and just wrote a big paragraph and a one-line title. Along the way, I have increased my steps per day (1,050 miles last year which was much more than ever before since I started the walking regimen in 2012). But, along the way, several people had suggested that I add pictures to the posts as well, just as you have said in the podcast. It makes people feel like they walked along with you. On my blog, on the weekends, I have more time and add more pictures, so it becomes kind of a “Day in the Life” about the walk. I’m no photographer by any means, but I try to get some scenic or cute pictures to match the narrative. I’ve having a lot of fun with the blog that way and I must say, at nearly 62 years old, that walking was the best thing I ever done for myself, and blogging about it, the second best thing. I’ve met some very nice people at the Park which is my biggest interaction of the day since I work from home. I’ve met some nice bloggers here on WordPress as well and from all over the world – it’s always nice to see how others live and work and play … other walkers writing about their favorite walk is an added plus. I like the way you’ve set up this comments section – very unique!

    1. Thank you for the comment Linda, my blog is a place for me to prepare for and write about the radio programme Walking Wandsworth that I present on Wandsworth Radio on Sundays. It’s all about the relaxing sounds of nature and people enjoying the outdoors. I’d like to read out your comment on the photos for Nicola and Hazel’s walk on the show coming up this Sunday if that’s ok with you?

      1. Sure, Dom – feel free to do that … I am sorry I was out of touch all day, as I was very busy at work. I work from home and sometimes I get time to pop over and catch up in Reader, but today was a whirlwind day. Feel free to read anything that I comment on.

      2. Hi Dom – for some reason the reply I did is not showing up in my comments, but does on your page … I just want to tell you it is fine to use any comment of mine in your show. I hope both of us can sneak out for a walk and the snow is not problematic. I write my longer blogs on weekends when I can take more pictures … it depends on whether the trail is icy or not. They don’t shovel/plow/brush or treat it and I’ve two people this year who’ve taken nasty falls and broken bones on black ice. Always have to fear that.

  6. Wonderful blog, and concept. It looks like you have hit on something that resonates. I may have to leave my house and take a walk myself now. I don’t get out much. I imagine I could make it a fictional walk. We have some very interesting characters in this neighborhood so I think it could be quite an adventure.

    As an example there is a young drug dealer who has a dog he uses to deliver drugs with. The police are aware of him and are building a case against him they say. the kid is not violent that I know of but it’s definitely the wrong place to do that sort of thing. Several times a day the dog takes off from him house in a full run. He comes right back a few moments later.

    This idea that the dog is carrying drugs is a popular neighborhood rumor, there is no evidence other than the behavior of the dog.It could make for a fun fictional adventure.

    1. Thanks Paul, that would make for a very interesting story. I think your neighbour might have found a way around the law if he’s managed to train his dog to do this. Who needs a drugs mule when you can have a drugs dog!

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