About Us


WalkingPod.com was started for people who listen to Walking Wandsworth which is a podcast and a radio show on Wandsworth Radio. It’s presented and produced by broadcaster Dom Dalston.

Walking Wandsworth was nominated in May 2018 for Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

Each Walking Wandsworth show includes sounds recorded on location for the walk combined with descriptions, interviews and ‘fascinating facts™‘ . Through this site you can access photographs and videos of the walks and you can download previous episodes.

You can also get in touch with us with suggestions for future walks.

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The show goes out live on Sunday nights at 8pm but the walk is done earlier in the week. The sounds for the walk are all pre-recorded. The commentary is done live after the walk from the studio, though some commentary and interviews are recorded during the walk.

It all began in 2016 when Dom Dalston first joined Wandsworth Radio as a presenter. He was assigned to Morning Wandsworth – a three hour show that goes from 7-10am. He invited a friend he knew through a local drama group to join him and together they presented a show that went on to win the Best Daytime Show award.

Dom got the idea for a show about walking, he pitched it to the Radio Station managers and they liked it and put it on the schedule. So Dom said goodbye to Morning Wandsworth, and now he focuses all his efforts on Walking Wandsworth…..and it keeps him pretty busy.

Recording Audio using Zoom H2N
Dom Dalston
Dom Dalston presents Walking Wandsworth 9pm Sundays.