Walking Wandsworth 12 – Wandle 1

Catch up if you missed it -  listen Following on from the watery theme that we started exploring in last week’s show, this week we’re going to be following a segment of the Wandle trail with this 5.4 km walk that takes us from Dene City Farm in Merton to Earlsfield in Wandsworth. Along the way … Continue reading Walking Wandsworth 12 – Wandle 1

Episode 11 – Historical Watercourses Walk

We've got a slight change from the advertised program this Sunday at 8pm on Wandsworth Radio. The Mark Silcox episode has been postponed - it will be happening, we've done the walk and comedian Mark Silcox will be on the show at some point soon. We've juggled things around a bit and come up with a … Continue reading Episode 11 – Historical Watercourses Walk

Episode #10 – The London wlogger

This episode is dedicated to the London Walking Blogger or London wlogger for short - It’s a blog by a chap called Stu who suggested the walk today which will take us from Clapham Common to Albert Bridge London. Join Dom, Stu and Sheila as we meet a Truggie driver and some rookie fishermen on the way. Plus lots of Fascinating Facts read by Micky Gwilliam.